make sure to build your house brick by boring brick
Or the wolf's gonna blow it down
Eric/a Calder | 17 | Prince Eric | Hudson Thames or Liz Gillies | Species | OPEN

It’s never too late, pretty soon you won’t remember a thing

Eric/a grew up in San Fransisco and lived what was mostly a normal life, until the uproar with mutants in public began. The whole thing apparently seemed to concern her/his parents deeply, and they told Eric/a to be careful of anyone that seemed to have abilities. Though they didn’t seem to be very threatening from what Eric/a gathered, s/he tried to steer clear of any suspicious students. Her/his parents were very overprotective through most of her/his life, and they kept a close eye on Eric/a as often as they could. 

When s/he entered her/his late teens, Eric/a’s parents seemed to let up somewhat on their protectiveness. They allowed Eric/a to go out alone more often and to have friends over - and that was when Rory came into the picture. The two were practically inseparable  and it helped that Eric/a’s love for the ocean was matched by Rory’s.Eric/a’s love for music was something they discussed often, and Rory didn’t seem at all bothered by her/his constant singing. As they continued spending time together, however, Eric/a started to feel an undeniable attraction to his/her best friend. It was like nothing s/he had felt for someone before, but s/he didn’t want to strain their friendship and possibly ruin things. When Eric/a tried dating a fellow student  to distract him/herself, she discovered why her parents had been so worried about the onset of puberty and interaction with others. The date got especially heated and Eric/a heard a pleasant ringing in her/his ears that s/he realize was her/his own voice. S/he got carried away and lost in the moment, and pulled away to find that the girl was unconscious. Terrified, Eric/a called her/his parents, who immediately took care of the situation. Eric/a was afraid that something like that would happen to Rory, that s/he wouldn’t be able to control her/his song around the girl - so s/he somewhat stupidly made the decision to get as far away from her as possible. Having Rory sent away seemed to be the answer, until s/he found out that her/his parents were sending her/him to the same academy shortly after.

Jacqueline Grimm | 18 | Jacob Grimm | Jessica Stroup | Mutant | TAKEN

It must be so hard in the mess you’re always cleaning up.

Jack is the younger of the Grimm duo. She was born nine minutes after Willa, and the older girl often holds that over her head. When she was a young girl, she was always the more mischievous of the two, often getting into trouble and stealing sweets for the twins from the kitchen. Though she was never really Willa’s tag along, she does tend to be less abrasive and confrontational. For what she lacks in cattiness, however, she makes up for with a foul mouth and rambunctious, rebellious nature.

When she first noticed that her abilities were developing, the first person Jack told was her sister. They’d heard endless stories of the family’s strong abilities. And they were looking forward to what they may have. She was admittedly concerned that hers wouldn’t be as impressive as Willa’s, but she was just glad that they were developing at the same time.

Now in her last year at the academy, Jack isn’t very sure what she’ll do with her future. She spent so many years shirking her responsibilities and disregarding school that she hasn’t considered going to college. Jack doesn’t think that she amounts to much, and art school doesn’t seem like a possibility, but she knows that she doesn’t want to be left behind when Willa goes away to a university. 

Anonymous wondered,
What FC's are next?

Niall Horan, Hudson Thames or Liz Gillies, and quite a few others we have yet to make a decision for. 

Also: you can usually see a list of upcoming FCs in the sidebar. 

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Willamina Grimm | 18 | Wilhelm Grimm | Jessica Stroup | Mutant | TAKEN

But all you really want to do is make them proud, don’t you?

Willa always knew where to draw the line, and she knew when she could and couldn’t cross it. She only bent the rules if she knew she couldn’t get caught and with Jack doing most of the dirty work, she got what she wanted while keeping her hands clean. The two worked together effortlessly with Willa coming up with most of their plans and Jack executing them.

Willa easily gets upset at Jack for being so careless when she knows they have a reputation to uphold. She often has to pick up the slack and keeping her sister in check only adds to her raising stress levels. Willa knows what’s expected of her and that keeps her grounded, giving her goals to achieve, but it also pushes her harder than she knows. She holds herself to high standards her parents have learned to expect.

Second-best isn’t something Willa is comfortable with. So when it comes to Gwen, she can’t stand that the girl is effortlessly loved because of her looks. Willa has had to work hard for the admiration of other students- the fear of her however is naturally instilled in them. Lately she’s been finding other ways to gain control. When she has a stressful day and can’t use her powers to take it out on other students she likes to have sweets. A lot of them. And when she eats too many, well she finds ways to keep them from affecting her figure.

Isabelle Desrosiers | 17 | Beauty | Jenna-Louise Coleman | Human | OPEN

And the pride that you felt at the last page of your first book

Belle’s father is an infamous inventor, Jacques Desrosiers. His inventions rarely ever did very well on the market, but they lived a comfortable life with the money he made from one of his early inventions that actually did well (though its popular use was not what was initially intended for it). Though she didn’t inherit her father’s fascination with inventing things, she did share his love for knowledge. While her father spent time in his workshop on his inventions, asking her for a screwdriver or buzz saw here and there, she often passed the time reading user manuals, patent information, or anything else she could find around the house. 

When Jacques would visit the library to do research, she always tagged along to immerse herself in books for hours on end. It was there that she explored the shelves and eventually fell in love with ancient folklore, ghost stories, and the supernatural. She read about creatures with abilities beyond anything people could comprehend. It fascinated her, and she read everything she could, until she had to start looking in different libraries and eventually the internet. She started working at her local library and kept her nose buried in books or research until she heard of the real mutant controversy. Isabelle had started to put pieces together, finding stories of mysterious beings that seemed to match up with the reality of superhumans. The Grimm Academy’s human policy change seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn more about the amazing mutant beings, and she had her father enroll her for the upcoming year. 


As you may or may not know, I write a majority of the biographies here at the Academy Grimm. Unfortunately, finals and my work schedule left me swamped for the past week or two, causing us to push back our opening date. We will now be opening this coming weekend, Saturday June 22nd. Thank you for your patience, and we are accepting applications at this time.

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Gwen Snow | 18 | Snow White | Lucy Hale | Mutant | OPEN

You may look down at your model’s feet and wish that you’d just float away

Gwen is one of the more well known girls at the academy. The Snow family is one that was present for the establishment of the Academy Grimm, and her ancestors attended the school for generations. When her mother was pregnant with her, there was quite a fuss, just as there always is when a new child is born in the Snow line. Along with their abilities, the Snow family is known for their stunning looks - something that was passed on after a mutant with specific genetics far back in their family line. When she was still very young, her mother unexpectedly passed away. Her father felt that she still needed another parent in her life, and he remarried not too long afterword. Gwen’s stepmother was kind to her in the first few years, but when her son was born, things started to change. 

From her family’s staff and the people around her, Gwen always grew up hearing that she was perfect, that her fair skin and rosy red lips were Snow traits and traits from her mother’s family. Unfortunately, her stepmother always told her otherwise, claiming that people only told her how pretty she was because they knew that the opposite was true - and nobody wanted to tell the girl with a dead mother how unattractive she was. Despite the fact that Gwen completely believes her stepmother, she is praised and loved by everyone at school. The girl is kind and down to earth, and that only makes her more likable. Though she is from a prominent mutant family, she doesn’t run in the same circles as the Grimm girls, but they’re civil to one another for the most part. Gwen has a significant circle of friends that, like everyone else, constantly tells her how beautiful she is. She doesn’t believe them any more than she believed it when she heard it growing up. Gwen has very low self esteem and her self image has been greatly damaged due to her step mother’s words. When she’s not being trailed by one of her friends, she likes to spend time alone, and has an odd quirk of speaking to animals.  

  • Sister to Drake Snow
  • Frenemy to Willa Grimm
  • Power: Animal Telepathy
  • Limits: Can only read the thought of animals, not control them.
Anonymous wondered,
Hi. :) I was just wondering if your group is about mutants, characters from the Grimm fairy tales or both? Thank you for taking the time to answer.

It’s about both, actually. Some of the characters are mutants and some are humans, but all character are based on either Grimm fairy tales and other folklore. It’s not a problem at all.

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Cale Jager | 24 | Slenderman | John O'Callaghan | Mutant | RESERVED

Just because you know my name doesn’t mean you know my game

Cale is one of the security personnel at the academy. He was born in the town that the school was founded in, though his family was not one of the revered ones in the mutant community. As a boy, he was reserved and somewhat lonely, and he didn’t have many friends. Thanks to Parker Wolfe, rumors quickly started to spread as he got older, cruel jokes about him sacrificing animals and practicing witchcraft. Nobody ever said anything to his face, until he was a junior in high school and one of his neighbors’ children went missing. Everyone said that Cale was a suspicious character, and rumors of him preying on the neighborhood animals escalated. When the missing child appeared a day later completely unharmed, they all felt remorseful, but the damage had already been done.

Cale graduated high school with few friends, and he left the town for a year or two before returning. The young man took up a job on the Academy Grimm’s staff, among some that he went to school with, and students that have all heard the rumors in their childhood. He keeps to himself for the most part, but the moment that he senses trouble on campus, he is prepared to take matters into his own hands – and tentacles.

  • Acquaintance to Quinn Hart
  • Acquaintance to Holly Rider
  • Enemy to Parker Wolfe
  • Power: Tentacle Extension and Limb Extension
  • Limits: Tentacle extension: Has only four tentacles attached to his back, can act as arms but can only reach as far as six feet from his back. Limb Extension: Can only extend his limbs to make himself fifteen feet in height.
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I'd love a Nina Dobrev FC. (:

We do not currently have any plans for her, but you’re more than welcome to submit an OC or switch the FC on an existing character.

-Admin E

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