make sure to build your house brick by boring brick
Or the wolf's gonna blow it down
Willamina Grimm | 18 | Wilhelm Grimm | Jessica Stroup | Mutant | TAKEN

But all you really want to do is make them proud, don’t you?

Willa always knew where to draw the line, and she knew when she could and couldn’t cross it. She only bent the rules if she knew she couldn’t get caught and with Jack doing most of the dirty work, she got what she wanted while keeping her hands clean. The two worked together effortlessly with Willa coming up with most of their plans and Jack executing them.

Willa easily gets upset at Jack for being so careless when she knows they have a reputation to uphold. She often has to pick up the slack and keeping her sister in check only adds to her raising stress levels. Willa knows what’s expected of her and that keeps her grounded, giving her goals to achieve, but it also pushes her harder than she knows. She holds herself to high standards her parents have learned to expect.

Second-best isn’t something Willa is comfortable with. So when it comes to Gwen, she can’t stand that the girl is effortlessly loved because of her looks. Willa has had to work hard for the admiration of other students- the fear of her however is naturally instilled in them. Lately she’s been finding other ways to gain control. When she has a stressful day and can’t use her powers to take it out on other students she likes to have sweets. A lot of them. And when she eats too many, well she finds ways to keep them from affecting her figure.

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